The Hand Glider
Eliminating hand detection by your tablet.

We are stylus and tablet users. We love what we are able to do with today's technology and avidly embrace new stylus ideas and tablet development. However, even with all the great technology available, we found ourselves with a nagging and common complaint. It was simply awkward to write and draw with our "hands in the air" to eliminate tablet detection. One day we decided to stop complaining and start solving the issue. After testing many fabric samples, making design modifications and creating numerous prototypes we created the Patented Hand Glider. This fashionable and very comfortable accessory does exactly what it is supposed to do. It allows the wearer to write, draw or paint on a tablet in a natural writing position. The tablet will not detect your hand if it rests on the screen. We love it and hope you will too. 

Phone: 954.319.1515